Our Story

Who We Are

Quilt Comfort is a brand oriented at creating beautiful sleeping and relaxing experiences for expecting mothers and the new-borns.

As a brand driven by “Quality First” motto, we work with an intricate understanding of the sensitivities & risks involved during pregnancy and the early infant life. 

Our Story

Few years ago we heeded to a desperate call. A friend was pregnant and discomfort wouldn't let her sleep. So we came up with this idea of making full body lumbar support pillows, ergonomically designed to help pregnant women sleep, recline & work. The pillow worked. Thus began our journey of eliminating discomfort from the lives of lakhs of pregnant women. Quilt Comfort is India's largest pregnancy pillow brand and one of the fastest-growing brands in the Mother & Baby care segment. As a company oriented at creating beautiful sleeping and relaxing experiences, we are known for superior quality products and high customer satisfaction.

A leading brand in Pregnancy Pillow segment, Quilt comfort is world’s first brand to solve the sizing issue of pregnancy pillows with two custom sizes based on the height of the user. No matter the height, our pregnancy pillows would always be a perfect fit.


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Years of Experience

One-Stop Solution for You and Your Baby

Quilt comfort is a one stop shop for the bedding needs of expecting mothers and their newborns. Our ergonomically designed products support posture development and reduce crying time which results in a happier baby.

We take pride in making products that are hypoallergenic and made without the use of any harmful chemicals. Our products ensures that your baby is always is safe hands.

Why Chose Us

Makes pregnancy more comfortable for every mom

Heirloom Quality

Quilt Comfort adheres to the highest quality. The products can be used by one baby after other

Award-Winning Designs

Our Ergonomic designs have won numerous awards across the globe


All our products are hypoallergenic, which means it's highly unlikely that they may trigger an allergy


Quilt Comfort products are hand-made with love, without the use of any harmful chemicals