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Basic Pregnancy PillowPremium Pregnancy PillowLuxury Pregnancy Pillow
1.5 D Fiber FillingTop Quality Reliance Blended MicrofiberReliance Rich  Microfiber Blend 
Polycotton / Poly VelvetNon-heating Raised Velvet (Hybrid) Super-feel Holland Velvet
Functional & Decently ComfortableSuper-comfortableComfortable & Luxurious

Why Quilt Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Used by Movie Stars and Sportswomen like Kajal Aggarwal, Pooja Bannerjee, Sheethal Goutham Uthappa & many more super mamas!

100% Virgin Fiber

No recycled fiber-filling like cheap Amazon Pillows. We use only  pure virgin fiber.

Real Micro Fiber

No new and fancy fiber names. We use only 100% real microfiber filling.

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6 Months Warranty

We are confident of our quality that our pillows won't shrink.

Heirloom Quality

Long-Lasting. Mama uses as pregnancy pillow & feeding pillow, baby uses as lounger.

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