Why is pregnancy pillow necessary: get all your answers here

Why is pregnancy pillow necessary: get all your answers here

You think of pregnancy and it automatically makes you wonder about the delivery, labor pain, and postpartum recovery. But the 9-month pregnancy journey is also full of ups and downs, body pains, cramps, and whatnot. Not everybody takes these issues into account while thinking of pregnancy. With the development of technology, companies have launched various products to ease the pregnancy period. A Pregnancy pillow falls into the same ambit. 

The market now has different types of pregnancy pillows designed to minimize discomfort during pregnancy. As the name clearly defines what a pregnancy or maternity pillow is, certain aspects still need clarification. You may wonder if pregnancy pillows are really effective or whether they have any side effects. If you often ponder over these questions then today is the day we burst all myths about pregnancy pillows. This blog will give you a detailed overview of pregnancy pillows and their usage. 

About Pregnancy Pillows

When you reach the second and third trimesters, the baby starts occupying more and more space in your belly. This means your lower back has to support the extra weight around the stomach and pelvic area. This scenario makes it difficult for a pregnant woman to sleep better and attain a comfortable position. Sometimes even sitting becomes a daunting task, let alone sleeping. 

A pregnancy pillow is designed to impart comfort so you have a healthy pregnancy. These pillows come in U and C shapes, which makes sleeping a more convenient task. A pregnant woman can easily place the pillow under her legs or back to be able to sleep better. Sleeping sideways is not possible during the third trimester but a pregnancy pillow can make that happen too. By providing your belly with the required support, a pregnancy pillow helps you sleep on the side. 

Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow

If you are still not convinced here are some of the major benefits of using a maternity pillow:

  • Adequate comfort: One of the major things you need during pregnancy is comfort. But all the cramps and body ache snatch that comfort from you. However, a pregnancy pillow provides great ease while lying on the bed to sleep and even when you wish to sit on the couch. All you need to do is wrap it around you or place it in a position that delivers you the right amount of comfort. 
  • Proper sleep: You sleep better in a comfortable position. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy can make you feel excessively tired, nauseated, and exhausted. Getting adequate sleep means a fresh mind and a healthy baby. You also get less cranky when you get a good night's sleep with zero disruptions. 
  • No excessive weight: A baby bump means additional weight and strain on your legs, belly, and back. This leads to continuous pain and heaviness. But a pregnancy pillow saves you from uneasiness by providing the required support while sleeping and sitting. 
  • Zero side-effects: Since Quilt Comfort pregnancy pillows are solely made of premium quality fiber, no harmful chemical goes into the manufacturing process. The absence of harmful chemicals reduces the risk of side effects. 

Types of pregnancy pillows

C and U-shaped pregnancy pillows are the most common types. Though the objective of these pillows is the same, there are minor differences.

  • C-shaped pregnancy pillow: The shape of this body pillow provides support to your back and belly. It ensures that your legs and hips are in a parallel position so the backache is reduced. This pillow shape also provides ample support to your neck so it stays in the right position. 
  • U-shaped pregnancy pillow: This pillow shape is known to provide equal support to all your body parts, providing you with a more comfortable sleeping position. It reduces excessive strain on the legs. 
  • Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow: The last category consists of pillows that are designed for a specific area. Some of them are designed to be placed under your belly or between your legs. These pillows also refrain from rolling over during sleep. 

Now that you have gathered all the information on pregnancy pillows, it’s time to get one for you or your loved ones. Pregnancy is a delightful and special journey that should not be spent with cramps and body aches. A pregnancy pillow will ease up this journey for you by delivering a comfortable experience. If you are looking for high quality pregnancy pillows at affordable rates, then Quilt Comfort should be your go-to name. They have an amazing range of premium quality pillows specifically designed for the requirements of pregnant women. 

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