What to Expect During 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

What to Expect During 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

What to anticipate at eight weeks pregnant?

What pregnancy symptoms are there at this point in the pregnancy?

When you are eight weeks pregnant, how is your baby doing?

It's always beneficial to understand what is occurring to you and inside of you while you are pregnant. You can tell what is typical and what is not throughout pregnancy by consulting a week-by-week pregnancy guide.

So let's examine what your pregnancy's eighth week has in store for you.

8 weeks of pregnancy: 8 weeks of pregnancy symptoms

Your pregnancy is about two months old now! There is only one month left in the first trimester. Don't become too accustomed to the current situation because every week and trimester can be unique.

Here are the signs of pregnancy at eight weeks of pregnancy.

Aching Breasts

Throughout pregnancy, your cup size fluctuates. It brings with it aching, tenderness, and heightened sensitivity. The hormones preparing your body for the arrival of your child are to blame for everything.

Morning Sickness

Every pregnant lady is given the same advice: "Eat well" and "Eat for two." But given that morning sickness is working against you, that sounds like quite a task.


One of the typical signs of pregnancy is fatigue. You might question whether you were subjected to a tranquiliser gun attack. You constantly feel drowsy and exhausted. Contrary to popular belief, the actual work does not begin until the child is born. It might be exhausting for your body to support the developing kid.


What would pregnancy be if not for cravings? Or at least that's what you assume from watching movies. Why does this occur? Although the precise cause is unclear, experts claim that it is your body's way of communicating with you about what it needs. But whatever the cause, as long as the cravings are healthy for you, it's okay to give in to them.

Urge to Urinate Frequently

You need to use the restroom more frequently because of your expanding uterus and the increased blood flow to your pelvic area. I am aware that you despise the circumstances, but you shouldn't stop drinking water and other drinks.


Verify that you are not dehydrated if you are experiencing extremely painful headaches. Ask your doctor for prescriptions for medications you can take while pregnant if that is not the cause.

Feeling Hot 

Pregnancy causes the blood vessels to enlarge, which pushes blood to the surface and makes you feel warm. Hormones in addition to blood vessels are involved in this process.

Excessive Saliva

Some expectant mothers lament the excessive salivation they experience while pregnant. Ptyalism is the name given to this illness. It is unimportant and will go away following delivery.


The hormone progesterone relaxes the body's muscles during pregnancy. Food moves more slowly as a result of the relaxation of the muscles in the digestive tract caused by this. In turn, this results in gas, acid reflux, and indigestion.

Increased Sensory  Awareness

Since the moment of conception, your olfactory senses have improved.

Vaginal Discharge

You may have noticed that you are now experiencing some discharge. Perhaps some of you are also concerned. You can unwind if the discharge is white in hue.

As it helps to maintain the proper balance of friendly bacteria in your vaginal system, the discharge produced by the hormone estrogen will prevent infections.

You might be tempted to clean it with soap or vaginal cleansing solutions, but resist the urge because doing so could disturb the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria.

What is acceptable and what is not?

Leukorrhea is the term used to describe an odorless, white vaginal discharge. Though it may be inconvenient, it is often harmless. However, there are instances in which vaginal secretions are not typical.

It could be an indication of an infection or, in some situations, an STD if you experience redness, itching, or a burning feeling during urination or sexual activity. Another telltale symptom of an issue is the color of the discharge. Look at a few signs that need to be mentioned to your gynecologist right away.

8 weeks during pregnancy & changes it brings

You continue to look the same to those who don't know your secret. However, they might be perplexed as to why you have been so difficult to work with. But your glowing appearance will be obvious to your elderly relatives (or breaking out).

However, you can definitely feel it. Because of the growth of your uterus, your stomach feels tighter. In addition, your breasts have gotten bigger. It's time to go shopping as well. You must purchase some supportive, comfortable bras to help those sore, sensitive breasts. Additionally, you should get some loose-fitting clothing to accommodate your expanding tummy.

Although you won't put on much during the first trimester, 1-2 kgs is considered normal. Make sure you catch up if you lose weight if you are one of the mothers who suffers from extreme nausea.

Perhaps some stretch marks have started to show as well. The skin will stretch, making this impossible to avoid. By making sure that your weight gain is gradual, you can lessen its severity.

Applying lotions will help you reduce and manage stretch marks.

What is going on inside of you?

Despite the fact that you aren't displaying, your uterus has nearly doubled in size. Since last week, your little one inside of you has expanded significantly.

The fingers and toes on your baby are growing. They resemble toes and fingers with webs. His eyelids have gotten heavier and are almost completely encasing his tiny eyes. The tail is about finished.

Although this is simply an outline, his neurological system and respiratory system are still developing quickly.

The small heart is thumping quickly as well. At 8 weeks, the heartbeat is 150 beats per minute.

Additionally, the baby's facial features are starting to stand out more. The advancement of the skeletal system coincides with the development of joints. The external genitalia haven't formed, therefore you can't establish the baby's gender yet. You shouldn't attempt to determine either. The anticipation is the delight.

Fetal Weight

How large is your child this week, then? You're aware of the rajma beans in your kitchen's pantry? Your baby is that large at eight weeks!

A Few Tips!

  • Purchase some supportive bras. Look for those that provide comfort and support.
  • Consume a lot of fruits; they'll help you obtain the nutrients you need, and most women agree that they can help you overcome nausea.
  • Increase your time together as a couple.
  • If you love animals, make sure they have all the necessary vaccinations. However, avoid using that cat litter box as they can spread toxoplasmosis.
  • Study up! By arming yourself with accurate information on pregnancy, you can ease a lot of worries and worry about it. Knowledge truly is power.

Spreading The Word

After you finish the first trimester, you usually tell your friends and family the happy news. However, some mothers think that as soon as their pregnancy is confirmed, they should call everyone they know. It feels nice to let everyone know where you fall, regardless of the category. The secret is no longer a weight on you. You can also seek advice and support from other mothers.

So, at eight weeks pregnant, this is how you and your developing child are.

How did you manage your symptoms of pregnancy at this point?

How did you tell your loved ones the news?

How much weight did you acquire when eight weeks pregnant?

Ask questions or doubts about your pregnancy. Keep in mind that there are no foolish questions. You already know what to do up until that point: Keep yourself safe and enjoy being pregnant!

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