Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

 Pregnancy pillows are full-body maternity pillows designed for expecting mothers.

Your growing belly must be an alien experience for you. As it grows, your belly would exert pressure on your back, shoulders and neck, making these areas stiff. The discomfort arising from this stiffness and pain will make sleeping difficult and sleep interruptions would become more frequent.

Pregnancy is a precursor to the greatest celebration of womanhood; it should not just remain only a period of forbearance and tolerance. As much as you care for your baby, you must look after yourselves too.

Pregnancy pillows are a revolutionary solution to minimizing discomfort arising out of pregnancy. The design and filling allows them to adjust to the shape of the body, providing necessary support to your neck, shoulders, belly and back.  

Which Pregnancy Pillow is right for you? 

Pregnancy Pillow primarily come in two sizes-- C Shape & U Shape. Depending upon the shape, every pillow has its own utility. Let us look at them one by one.  

C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillows are generally named after their shape. C-Shape Pregnancy Pillows resemble the ‘O’ shape, but with a dissection in the middle. The normally weight between 2-3.5 kg. Their shape enables them to emulate a hug, making resting an elated experience.  

How to use a pregnancy pillow?

Advantages of C Shape Pregnancy Pillows:

C Shape Pregnancy Pillow Supports Neck, Shoulder, Belly and Back. While supporting the crucial points, a C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow emulates a hug too.

C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

The C-Shape promotes side sleeping, which is recommended by doctors worldwide as women sleeping on their left face less complications in their pregnancy. This position allows for optimal blood flow from the inferior vena cava—the larger vein running parallel to your spine on the right side—that carries blood to your heart and, in turn, to your baby. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sleep on your right, and an expansive survey is still needed to reach on a confirmed conclusion.   

Disadvantages of C Shape Pregnancy Pillow:

Though you can change sides in a C Shape Pillow, you still need to to lift the pillow or turn the pillow altogether.

U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

As the name suggests, the U-Shape pregnancy pillows are made in ‘U-Shape’,  weighing generally around 3 kg. The greatest benefit associated with U Shape is that it allows pregnant woman to switch sides without any hindrance. 


The U Shape Pregnancy Pillow support Neck, Shoulder Belly and Back.There is no restraint in turning sides, and the free arms.


Well we could fine none!  


Often, while discussing the benefits of pregnancy pillow, we tend to overlook one advantage common among all the models—as the head rests over a raised support, this should normally decrease the acidic re-flux.

Do you really need a pregnancy pillow?

Yes! In fact, you deserve one. But which pillow suits you the most? Well if you want an immersive experience then C Shape Pregnancy Pillows should be your obvious choice. But if you want more freedom while sleeping, you need to select U Shape. 

The shape and size of your body will evolve over the next 9 months, with each trimester being tougher than the preceding one. A Pregnancy pillow will ease the discomfort that you face while sleeping or resting during the maternity period. Go for it!


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