Suitable sleeping postures during pregnancy & which pregnancy pillow to use

Suitable sleeping postures during pregnancy & which pregnancy pillow to use

Pregnancy is a long and beautiful journey. But one thing should remain constant throughout the 9 months. That is your comfort! A healthy and happy mother gives birth to a strong and healthy child. Your mood swings and comfort level vary during different stages of pregnancy. As your baby grows, your belly expands with time and you need to keep changing your postures throughout these three trimesters.

There are certain sleeping positions you should definitely avoid depending on the pregnancy stage you are in. Here we have made the work easy for you by summarizing the most suitable sleeping postures. A pregnancy pillow can be your ultimate best friend here.

First trimester and your sleep cycle

During the first three months of pregnancy, your body is still adjusting to the changes. You might be able to sleep through the night but you're still not able to get up without feeling groggy or tired in the morning. There are many different positions that can help you sleep better during this phase of pregnancy.

  • One of them is known as side lying, which means that you should lie on your left side. This position takes advantage of gravity and helps your body relax more than other positions.
  • Another option for pregnant women is to sleep with their head elevated using a maternity pillow or something similar. Elevating yourself in this way can help keep blood flowing towards your feet and away from your heart, which will help lower your blood pressure while you're asleep.
  • You should also make sure that you're getting enough restful sleep each night by turning off all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Second trimester and your sleep cycle

The second trimester is the time when you can start sleeping on your back. This is because the baby's head starts to descend into your pelvis, which makes it easier for you to turn over and adjust your position in bed.

  • In some cases, you may find that your baby is lying on his or her side during this period of time. You may also find that you're getting less restful sleep because of the position of the baby's head. In this case, try lying on your side with a maternity pillow between your knees so that the baby's head rests between them instead of falling onto them.
  • Some women find that sleeping with their knees bent is more comfortable as well. This can help with back pain associated with pregnancy as well as improve blood circulation around the legs and lower extremities.

 Third trimester and sleep cycle

Sleeping during the third trimester is a little different from the first and second trimesters. You may still be able to nap or take short naps, but it's important to avoid long naps.

  • The best sleeping positions for pregnant women are side-sleepers and stomach sleepers. Side-sleepers have their knees bent and feet flat on the bed, while stomach sleepers lie on their bellies with their legs bent at the knees and feet flat on the mattress.
  • Both these sleeping positions help prevent leg cramps, which can cause backaches and other problems while you're pregnant. If you wake up and your back is hurting, try using a pregnancy pillow between your knees to keep them elevated off of the mattress. This will also help reduce swelling in your legs because they'll be elevated above your body weight distribution.
  • You should also avoid lying on top of your bump — especially when sleeping on your side — as this puts too much weight on your belly button and may lead to discomfort in future pregnancies. Instead, try putting pillows under each knee or keeping pillows stacked behind you so that only one leg rests on top of them

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