Best pregnancy pillow for pregnancy comfort

Best pregnancy pillow for pregnancy comfort

A journey that’s cherished, despite the ups and downs, Yes, that’s what pregnancy is. The news of you bringing a new life to this world is just joyous. As good news as it is, a pregnant woman requires comfort and care. Apart from a healthy diet and timely exercise, you also need adequate sleep. But the baby bump can make it difficult for you to find the right and comfortable posture.

Pregnancy pillows were designed to conquer all such problems. To make this journey full of comfort and gentle moments, Quilt Comfort has launched amazingly comfy pillows that provide the required comfort and relief to pregnant women. A bunch of hormones are released while you sleep and this explains the requirement for proper sleep. Growth hormone is also released by the pituitary gland while you sleep, which is equally important for your baby. Now that we have established the importance of proper and timely sleep, let’s get right to the best pregnancy pillow you can buy as per your needs.

Types of pregnancy pillows you can buy

1. Cozy plush U shape pregnancy pillow: Why U shape, you ask? Sleeping sideways during pregnancy is a daunting task, isn’t it? We understand how much pregnant women crave the sideways sleeping position. In fact, this particular position increases blood flow, which provides ample nutrients to the baby. The U shape pregnancy pillow by Quilt
Comfort does just that. It supports your sleeping postures and relieves neck and
shoulder pain so you get ample sleep and wake up happy-happy.

2. Cozy plush C shape pregnancy pillow: A C shape pillow will give you an extremely comfortable time whether you are sleeping or sitting. You can wrap it around your body to support the back as well. This ensures your body stays painless while you sleep, watch TV, or simply sit on the couch. The pillow comes with an eye mask and a neck pillow for an enhanced and comfortable experience.

3. Pregnancy pillows with velvet cover: The cover material of a pregnancy pillow is as important as its shape and filling. A velvet cover provides a cozy and soft experience. The material is feathery and soft to cater to all your sleeping needs. After all, you don’t want to wake up all grumpy and moody.

What to look for in a pregnancy pillow?
Shopping for a pregnancy pillow is surely a daunting task. From choosing a harmless material to the shape of the pillow, there are a number of factors you should consider. Here is a list of things you should watch out for while buying a pregnancy pillow.

  • Material: Pregnancy puts women in a delicate stage. They need to be kept safe from germs and chemical products for a healthy baby and mother. Often pillows contain a chemically produced fabric filling that can be harmful in the long run. This is why you should always buy pillows with microfibre. Quilt Comfort pillows are filled with premium quality Reliance 1.5 Microfibre fillings.
  • Shape: Look for a maternity pillow that supports all sleeping and sitting postures. U and C shape pillows are the best ones to rely on because they provide complete support while sleeping and sitting in different positions.
  • Cover material: The fabric of your pillow plays a key role in comfort. A pregnant woman deserves all the comfort and a pregnancy pillow with the smoothest cover will do the trick.

If you are looking for a super comfy pregnancy pillow, then Quilt Comfort is the right place to go. Get your hands on the most amazing pregnancy pillows on our official website, Amazon, Flipkart, and First Cry.

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